About Us

Park Road Sale Primary School has two classes for each year group, catering for children between the ages of 3 and 11. Our children enjoy school and work hard. We aim to ensure that every child reaches the highest standard of attainment that they can, especially in English and maths. Every child is regularly assessed so that teachers can target the next stage in learning for each individual. All our pupils make very good progress. We hope that pupils will leave us as competent and enthusiastic learners who can meet new challenges with confidence. From the start, our main focus is on the acquisition of the basic skills of literacy and numeracy. We have been awarded the Primary Quality Mark for our work in basic skills on four occasions. We use Information and Communication Technology to support many areas of the curriculum and have achieved national and international awards for our work in this area, being one of the first schools to gain a 3rd Millennium Learning award which was renewed last year.