At Park Road our art curriculum aims to inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. Every child in our school has the opportunity to access a range of art. We aim to provide exciting and immersive experiences using a wide range of media, whilst developing their artistic skills and creativity. We aim to develop enthusiasm and interest in a subject that enriches all areas of the curriculum so that children can become actively involved in shaping their own environment. We have a working gallery where children can display ideas, experiments with different media and finished pieces in relation to an artist they are studying.

During their time at our school, children will develop their skills in all areas of art, gaining experience of using pencil, pastels, paint, charcoal, photography, textiles and sculpture. They will use techniques of collage and weaving to create their own pieces of art.

In EYFS children are taught to explore a wide variety of materials, tools and techniques. They are given the opportunity to experiment with colour, design, texture and form.  They begin to explore different uses for materials and how to use them to represent their own ideas or familiar items. In addition, children learn how to construct with a purpose in mind and to select their own materials to achieve a planned effect.

At KS1 children are taught to use a range of materials effectively and creatively and to use drawing, painting and sculpture to develop their ideas. They begin to explore a wide range of artists and craft makers, which helps children to make thoughtful judgements about their artwork.

As children progress through the school into KS2, children are taught to develop their techniques and skills further. In addition, children develop an understanding of the work of artists from different times and cultures In order to make connections to their own work. They begin to think more critically about artists work and their own to develop a better understanding of art and design. Children gain the ability to reflect on how art has inspired others and how they can use the influence of different artists to inspire their own art work.  

Year 6Textiles / Applique, Pop Art, Landscapes / Portraits
Year 5Containers, Islamic Art, Still Life / Reflections
Year 4Cezanne / Still Life, Pattern, Paint, Colour and Collage
Year 3Drawing People, Distance and Perspective, Sculpture
Year 2Lowry, Paint and Collage, Textiles/Weaving
Year 1Monet, Self-Portraits, Textiles/Sewing