British Values

Fundamental British Values are promoted throughout our curriculum.

In Year 6, an extensive unit of work on democracy, including the British parliament and the role of M.P.s, forms part of the curriculum. Children create campaign videos and posters for the school council elections to give them first-hand experience of the democratic process.

Our school council is elected by a whole school voting process and other opportunities to vote on aspects of school life are presented though using our learning platform. Both our school council and our peer mediation team give opportunities during the year for all our children to feel that their voice can be heard.

The Rule of Law
The school’s Golden Rules are regularly reinforced in assemblies and at the start of the year, each class decides on its own class rules, discussing why rules are important. Visits from PCSOs and the fire service reinforce this and prompt discussion of the consequence of breaking rules. Children learn to take responsibility for their own behaviour through consistent application of school rules. Sanctions are dependent on the age of the child and children who abide by the rules are rewarded through a team point system.

As part of PHSE, children learn about rules and laws which are there to ensure the safety of the whole community. Each year, our Year 6 pupils visit a Crucial Crew event, organised by Children’s Safety in Education Foundation, where they meet representatives of fire, police, road safety and school nursing teams and take part in activities which raise awareness of laws and rules which help to keep the community safe.

Children extend this understanding to national laws as they progress through the school. In Year 4 they complete a unit of work on rights and responsibilities and in Year 6 they learn about law courts through a visit from local magistrates.

Individual Liberty
Children are encouraged to make choices in the safe and secure environment of school. They are advised how to exercise their personal freedoms safely though our e-safety work and PHSE lessons. In Years 5 and 6 this work is extended to include consideration of individual choices concerning money and careers.

Mutual Respect
All members of our school community are taught to treat each other with respect. It is a theme which runs throughout the life of the school. For example, our curriculum for Years 2 and 5 includes units of work on bullying and diversity. It is also a theme that is revisited regularly in assemblies.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Assemblies, together with PHSE and RE lessons, are planned to promote cultural diversity and to reinforce tolerance of and respect for different faiths and beliefs. We follow the locally agreed RE syllabus which encompasses learning about major faiths.