Nursery Admissions


Park Road Primary School has a purpose-built nursery, connected to the main school by an enclosed walkway. The outdoor play area is shared with our reception class and  includes a covered section.

Children are admitted to the nursery in the term following their third birthday if places are available. They attend either a morning or an afternoon session for 3 hours each day. Some full-time places may be available for an extra charge and our breakfast and after school club also caters for children of nursery age. The school controls its own nursery admissions; please phone the office for details.

School nursery opens at 8:55am. and closes at 3:30 p.m. Provision is available on site from 7:50 in the morning before school and until 6 p.m. after school. If this breakfast and/or after school sessions are required, parents must arrange them with the school office.

Learning is enabled by carefully planned play activities. We provide nursery education, not just childcare. Children begin to learn phonics for reading and how to use numbers. Our nursery staff also work in the main school, which ensures that they are able to take your child on to the next stage of learning appropriate to their developmental stage.

Charging Policy

 Parents/guardians who want their child to attend both of the daily nursery sessions will be charged for the time over and above their free entitlement of 15 hours  (3hours per day).   This charge may be paid for by the Government as part of parents entitlement to 30 free hours childcare. However, there may be some parents who do not qualify for the 30 hours and so there the charge will cover an additional 3-hour nursery class session.

The charge will be made for every day of the term and there will be no refund if the child is absent for any reason. The rate of charge will be agreed annually by the Trust Board and is currently £15 per day (2022-2023). There will also be an extra charge of £3.00 per day to cover the extra 1/2 hour that your child is in our nursery for the full-time place. Parents/guardians of children in receipt of a ‘full-time place’ must provide a packed lunch for their child.  

If parents are entitled to 30 free hours they must obtain their ‘validity code’ from HMRC and give this to school. Parents validity must be checked every 3 months by parents themselves. It is not up to the school to do this for you. 

All Payments must be made for each half term in advance and a half term’s notice is required if the child is to be withdrawn from the nursery. An invoice will be issued 10 days before the payment is due.

For parents who have to pay for the full-time place: if payment is not received by 10 working days after the date due, the full-time nursery place will be withdrawn.

For parents who are eligible for 30 hours of funding, we will be notified by Trafford if you ‘fall out of validity’. There is a grace period until the end of the term and then the extra 15 hours of the full-time place will be withdrawn unless you decide to pay for it yourself.