Outdoor Learning


At Park Road Sale Primary School we offer children the opportunity to learn in a variety of different ways and environments. Our outdoor curriculum aims to be broad and include discovery, experimentation and learning about connecting to the natural world. We believe children should understand where their food comes from and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, we want to offer children an opportunity to explore and innovate in a new setting whilst supporting and developing their own wellbeing.

We believe that learning outside the classroom often provides the most memorable learning experiences, leaving children with greater independence, physical competence and a more in depth understanding of the world in which we live. Whilst learning outside the classroom, children develop their resilience, social skills and demonstrate more involvement in their own learning.

Our specially designed curriculum has been designed to provide children with a safe environment to develop their resilience and confidence whilst also gaining new knowledge about tools, building fires and outdoor safety. Our pupils will be involved in building and designing our outdoor learning area, planting trees and dreaming up designs that will leave a lasting impact, and a legacy to be enjoyed by future generations.

We hope that through engaging lessons and inspirational teaching we will create successive generations of children at Park Road Sale Primary who are dedicated to exploring their local environments, determined to protect them and to continue this ethos out into the wider world.