Update number 2 18.3.20

Dear Parents,

Coronavirus Update 2 – 18th March – quick update before I go home for the day – a more detailed update will come tomorrow when we have more details.

Well the news that we were expecting has come through:  School will be closed when we shut the gates on Friday 20th March.

All children tomorrow will come home with their home learning pack and all belongings (PE kits, pencil cases, water bottles etc)

There were lots of announcements from both Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson the Education Minister;   the main one being that schools will open for Key Workers and Vulnerable Children.  Right at this very moment, I cannot confirm who they will be. Boris mentioned NHS staff, police and delivery drivers but Gavin Williamson said in his speech to parliament that the Cabinet Office will release to Headteachers full details about key workers tomorrow.  Please bear with me as we wait for and work though this advice when it arrives.

I will be thinking about and considering options for what we do about Easter holiday club too.

One of the things that Gavin Williamson has said to parliament and which I want to make you aware of is “This is a situation that we may be dealing with, not just over a few weeks, but for quite a long and sustained period of time”.  He also said in a further question on if children would return to school before the end of the school year “My greatest hope is very, very rapidly but I am going to be guided by the best scientific medical advice as to when we can do that.”  I am giving you this information to just make you aware that this might not be  a closure of a couple of weeks – it is more long term than that.  (so.. you have 2 days of peace and quiet and a chance to get the drinks cabinet stocked up!)

At this point, may I also thank those parents who have been in touch with us (and there have been very many of you) who have just said ‘thanks Mrs W/thanks to everyone at school’ or offered all kinds of support to school and to our wider community. Every message has meant a great deal in these unprecedented times.  I may appear very calm but I’m the proverbial swan and a large amount of gin will be consumed at the weekend!

I’m sorry is not great news and I know how hard/much of an impact this will have on all of you.

I’ll be in touch again tomorrow,

Mrs W